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online course: INTRODUCTION to ROS - Robot operating system

Learn robotics with ROS in a short time, in Spanish and without reading all the documentation.

In this online course (udemy) you will learn:

General structure of a ROS application ( ROS master, nodes, topics, publishers, subscribers, services and actions)

You will know what ROS is, what it is for, how to use it and some practical cases

You will learn to develop robots based on ROS

You will learn the general commands to use linux and ROS

You will learn about URDF - Universal Robot Description File

Using SLAM autonomous navigation packages with turtlebot

Use of map generation packages with turtlebot  much more!


Computer vision is a tool used in every industry, from mobile robotics to quality inspections in manufacturing and agriculture.


In this course you will learn all the basic concepts of digital image processing to carry out projects that have multiple applications.


In this ONLINE course (Udemy) you will learn to:

> Create Instagram-like filters to modify images and videos.

> Apply machine vision concepts to machine learning skills like Kaggle

> Apply machine vision concepts to industrial automation systems


Go ahead and explore the universe of computer vision!

Curso de programacion python

Do you want to learn to program in one of the most powerful and widely used programming languages in the world?


In this course you will learn all the basic concepts of programming with python, and at the end you will develop a complete video game as the final project of the course.


In this ONLINE course (Udemy) you will learn to:

> Basic elements of the programming language such as the use of variables, data structures and loops

> Object-oriented programming, functions, classes, subclasses and inheritance

> Development of a video game from scratch using the Pygame library


Go ahead and learn to program in Python today!

online course: Python for data science

Have you always wondered how after searching for something on Google (like clothes or travel), all the advertising that comes up is related to those searches? This happens through so-called recommendation systems, which are created from natural language and text processing algorithms.


In this ONLINE course (Udemy) you will learn to:

> Extract valuable information from texts

> Create a system capable of predicting if a movie is good or bad based on the comments of other users

> Program machine learning algorithms to automatically make predictions


Go ahead and learn how to create your own algorithms!

curso de python
education for schools

We offer advisory services to basic and secondary education institutions in:


> Creation and/or strengthening of educational robotics programs for primary and secondary schools.

> Tutoring to robotics clubs and teams for national and international competitions.


> Update for (theoretical) teachers involved in science and technology subjects (Robotics, 3D Printing, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Industry 4.0, Machine learning).


> Practical refresher course in robotics and electronics for teachers and mentors.

Basic electronics course with arduino

We offer an introductory course to the fascinating world of electronics for you to carry out all kinds of DIY projects (do it yourself!) Using the most recognized platform in the world for electronic development called ARDUINO.


In this 20 hour course you will learn:

> What is an arduino?

> Control of all types of motors

> DC - Stepper - Servomotors

> Use of LCD screens so you can display all the information you want

> Use of sensors to monitor all kinds of physical variables

Between many other things!


how are you going to learn

> We will teach you the basic tools of electrical circuits and we will quickly put them into practice so that you learn to build all kinds of electronic prototypes.


Curso python
Curso arduino
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