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I + D Projects

I + D projects are specific projects that have been developed by ICRA's engineering team based on specific needs identified by customers who seek us or together, to find the best alternative in order to reduce repetitive, dangerous activities. or that do not generate greater added value, in addition to having a very strong innovation component that draws the attention of both internal and external customers.


Recepcionist robot

It is a service robot that has the ability to listen to visitors, process information with natural language algorithms (NLP) and answer questions or queries with text-to-speech (TTS) technology and then navigate autonomously (Auto Nav) to predetermined places of interest such as meeting rooms, cafeterias, bathrooms or any other point.


Useful in covered spaces, where people, visitors, clients, suppliers or similar are constantly received, with the possibility of generating tours or accompaniment in different spaces while diverse information is delivered both on screen and in voice.

Hotel robot

This robot is designed to autonomously transport guest suitcases that are registered at a reception point, deliver their suitcases to the robot and the robot is capable of transporting the visitors' suitcases, moving along a previously determined path in the open field and the which can fulfill extra functions such as bringing food or household items to the rooms.

Agro Robot

Teleoperated robot that allows to control valves for the irrigation and sprinkling of flower crops, in external environments and with potentially dangerous chemicals, thus avoiding exposure to chemicals and facilitating this work within the industry. It can potentially carry other instruments such as cameras to make counts in plantations or some other element to reduce activities that do not generate added value (NVA).

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